“If not today, then when?

If not you, then who?”

New perspectives & perceptions

I have felt totally supported and listed to by Jolanda. She not only encouraged me but also empowered me to step outside of myself and really have faith in my ability. Jolanda provides a non-threatening persona that enabled me to immediately feel at ease and comfortable/confident to share my thoughts and feelings. I am so pleased that she has been my coach, without her I would be stuck in my box going round in circles. Now I have direction. -Adrienne


My experience with Jolanda could not be better. I believe that, through the questions she made me and the exercises she proposed, I underwent a real shift in my mindset. She has this attentive and investigative spirit that tries to discover out your real needs and dilemmas, encourages you to deeply analyse yourself and your own behaviour, which in my case helped me to take a big step in my career. I am very glad to have had Jolanda as a coach and I am also happy to recommend her. -Delaynne


My experience with the coaching sessions was beyond my expectations. I had Jolanda as a coach; she is amazing. Jolanda gave me personalized coaching; in every session, we would build on identifying the aspects that I needed to work on to improve and translate them into specific and measurable small actions. She guided me in an integrated way in order to identify what would work better for me according to my situation and needs. I enjoyed every session and learned tools that I can implement in my job-seeking process and in my life in general. I had a great connection with her, I could tell that besides having extensive experience, she loved what she does and was committed to helping me.  As a professional from a foreign country looking for opportunities in a new work market and sector, I was struggling with self-confidence. I got from Jolanda’s coaching the support and guidance to overcome fears and insecurities in a pragmatic way, I highly recommend her work, without any doubt she will add value to any process that professionals are going through. -Karelia



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